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Friday, May 9, 2008

In the Style of Radiohead

Recently, Radiohead (one of my favorite musical groups) released their latest album In Rainbows without a record label. For free (for a limited time). They allowed fans to pay “what they felt was fair” for the album, and managed to generate one of the “best-selling” albums of the year.

Being a huge Radiohead fan, I decided to show my support for their music, as well as their eschewing of the “standard” way to produce. Thus, it was back to the drawing board again with Sharpies. After a few minutes, an upside-down pot, coffee mug, and a ruler, I came up with this attempt at a Radiohead logo.

It definitely didn’t come out perfect, but that’s kind of the point with this sometimes. Certainly a unique, yet recognizable shirt. Like a good inside joke, those who get it will appreciate it greatly. Besides, the logo looks pretty cool even if you don’t know who Radiohead is (if you are such a person, please take 5 minutes of your life and watch this). I especially like how the brown shirt combined with the scruffy black marker makes it almost look like a cave drawing. If this stuff washes out well, I think I’ll give it another shot in a few weeks, to try and nail down the proportions a little better.

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